Google Ads for Solar Companies 2022

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Solar Google Ads campaign example May 2022

Big gains! Recent look at one of our clients residential campaigns. 200+ solar leads in a month. We brought this client on in Sept 22 to being their google ads campaign and have since generated them over 1180+ paid search solar leads that’s resulted on of their highest performing lead gen channels hovering around $30… Read more »

Canada Solar Leads

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Exclusive Canada Solar Leads for Sale Learn about our Residential Solar Leads Program for Canadian Businesses Why Solar Leads in Canada? Are you a solar company in Canada looking for residential solar leads? We provide pay per lead exclusive residential solar leads for reputable solar installation and solar sales reps throughout Canada including Alberta, British… Read more »

Renewables & Things – Episode 3 – Solar in Indonesia

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This October we took a 3 week trip to Bali Indonesia. In between the surf sessions and exploring (my saltwater hair soaked hat seen here), we set aside plenty of time to work, and ended up meeting with a local solar company in Bali Indonesia to learn more about renewables in the archipelago. I learned… Read more »

Case Study: $24 Commercial Solar Leads

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How We Generated 88 Commercial Solar Leads in 3 Months 341 closed kWs & $800k in Revenue INTRODUCTION I’m going to share you the thought process I used to get powerful results with Facebook advertising for our commercial solar clients and hope you gain some valuable insights and ideas to help you do the same… Read more »

Renewables & Things Podcast – Episode 1 – Anthony Gallucci – Energy Risk Management

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Renewables & Things Episode 1 First episode of our agency podcast called “Renewables & Things”. We sit down with Energy Risk Associate Anthony Gallucci who spent his career working at top tier solar companies in various sales, lead gen, and management roles, and now works at Poms and Associates insurance brokerage leading their renewables division…. Read more »