Solar Sales Introspection with Joshua Resneck

In this episode (video podcast below) we sit down with Joshua Resneck, a Bay Area based solar sales veteran, and well regarded confidant and advisor in the solar community.

I had the pleasure of getting introduced to Josh through a mutual friend who used to work at Sungevity with Josh in Oakland, CA.

Josh has been a great mentor and friend of mine, as our agency began to tackle what problems solar companies face, and the appropriate solutions to deliver long term value.

Was very excited to bring him on, as I know he is beloved by many in the Facebook solar groups, for his sheer expertise and experience, willingness to provide advice without expecting anything in return, and overall pleasant candor and demeanor.

Joshua now works at Sungage, a solar financial firm providing homeowners and solar companies a diverse portfolio of solar financing solutions for their customers across the U.S.

We discuss how he got started in sales working at bike shops, car dealerships, to later single handedly closing 40 solar sales in a month.

Josh breaks down the steps and mentality required for any solar sales rep (or any sales role for that matter) looking build their personal brand equity for the long term.

Joshua’s Bio:

“I was born and raised in Berkeley and spent 8 years in solar, 9 years in bicycle shops and 3 years selling cars. I am a self-described big nerd for tech, solar, and sales. I’ve closed 40 sales in a month and done everything from lead gen to manage a sales team, setting up and administering Salesforce, Sales Ops, Compliance, and even some basic IT. Personal hobbies and interests are swing and salsa dancing, concerts and music, fitness, movies, craft beer, and taking apart anything from computers to cars. Please say hi and tell me how I can be a resource!”

You can find him on Linkedin here.

Couple quotes from the convo that stuck with me…

“If I hadn’t charged out in my pajamas to talk to the junk hauling guy, I’d never gotten that sale.”

“Collecting referral credibility.”

“The modern consumer is allergic to people being ingeniune”.

“Some of my favorite moments with customers are me doing silly things.”

Hope you enjoy.

– Doug

Video Recording