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Why Solar Leads in Canada?

Are you a solar company in Canada looking for residential solar leads? We provide pay per lead exclusive residential solar leads for reputable solar installation and solar sales reps throughout Canada including Alberta, British Colombia, and Ontario. As Canada rolls out more incentive making it easier for homeowners to go solar, it’s our job to both educate Canadians about what incentives may be available for them in their provinces and cities and provide an easy path for them to get solar quotes.

The City of Edmonton for example have dolled out a variety of green energy retrofit funds to incentivize more homes and businesses in the Alberta city to look for ways to reduce their electric bills. Some utilities (like EPCOR in Edmonton) offer net metering making it extremely compelling to go solar in Edmonton. Whereas some hydro utilities may not offer net metering, there are home retrofit grants up to $5000 in the Toronto area that include solar.

In summary going solar is becoming more economical in a region once thought to be inadequate for solar savings. We provide exclusive residential solar leads for various territories and provinces in Canada.

Our homeowner leads include information such as:

  • First & Last Name
  • Address, City, Zip
  • If they are a homeowner
  • Average Monthly Electric Bill
  • Shading & Credit Score

Since October of 2020 to today we’ve generated over 3800 Canadian solar leads for just one of our Ontario partners alone. This clearly demonstrates there is increasing demand for electric bill savings via solar among Canadian homeowners and profitability for Canada’s solar companies. It’s quite simple how we generate interest in solar. We talk about available local/federal incentives, and past case studies of how our client’s have help customers save money on their electric bill with solar.

Alberta Solar Lead Case Study

We started a new campaign for an Alberta solar company to begin sending them exclusive leads in the Edmonton Metro. Since we’ve generate over 90 leads for them in the past 2 months that have already resulted in 20 new proposals and new projects signed every week. We do not bill our client for an leads that are non-homeowner or give incorrect contact information.

Alberta Solar Leads

Recent Snapshot of Leads from July 2021
Ontario Solar Leads Example

3800+ Leads Since October 2020

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The Framework

Our framework for generating exclusive, quality, solar leads in Alberta, British Colombia, and Ontario are simple: Educate our audience. More specifically, educating our audience with factual information on what solar incentives exist in their city. With over 10 years of running campaigns in highly competitive markets, we know how to get our offer infront of homeowners, present them with valuable educational resources, and clear, frictionless steps to learn more about how much they can save with solar.

Lead Nurture Follow Up Systems

To help with our Canadian solar partners generate more profit from our leads, we can provide automated lead follow up systems. As any sales professional understands, the money is in the follow up. So often we speak with solar companies who have their reps manually following up with each lead with zero automation in place.

For an additional set up fee we can build automated SMS and Email follow up systems so as soon as lead comes in, we are firing off a text and series of 3 emails dripped out that reiterate the problems we solve, screenshots of reviews, before/after photos of electricity bills, and links to your appointment booking calendar (if you don’t have an online appt booking scheduler get one!!), so leads book appointments on their own time to sit down with you.

Once this system is built, you then have the framework to launch customer referral campaigns and re-engage cold prospects with a new seasonal offer, saving your reps hundreds of precious hours of following up manually one by one.


These are all the calls that results from our unique Facebook tracking number. At the end of our lead forms, and in our emails, we have the option for customers to call us. This doesn’t track, all the potential calls that resulted in people searching for the company on Google after they saw or interacted with an ad.


Done For You Canada Solar Lead Generation

We no longer provide any free trial services. All of our services require payment upfront.

Questions about our Canadian lead programs? Book a call with me: https://calendly.com/simpletree

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– Doug