What Our One Month Residential Solar Leads Program Looks Like

Including Facebook Ads Solar Marketing Case Study Results

Hellooo solar girls and guys.

New video I put together that walks through our solar leads system beginning with a month 1 Facebook Ads + Lead Nurture Automation build to start driving and retaining in-house, exclusive leads.

Our system is simple. This baseline, proven, Facebook Lead Form Campaign works in any geo. Coupled with our lead nurture automation system we help the lead book appointments with you so instead of chasing them down.

Video is 6 minutes, tried to include as much as I could without being lengthy. Still working on this skillset of being an efficient presenter!

Would love your feedback.

Case Study Results

Timeline: May 1 – July, 2019
City Population: 500k
69 Leads @ $38/lead
3 closed installs (33 kWs)
27 appointments
$2,625 in adspend
~$100k in Revenue
33x ROI.

The same system can be adapted for commercial solar lead gen which I detail in that blog post.

Facebook Ads Overview

This is the first iteration, baseline campaign build we get going ASAP to start driving you guys leads. Once we are past month 1, and leads are coming in the door and your reps and scheduling appointments, we begin to stack on our set of Facebook Ad strategies (lookalike audiences, customer lists, traffic & messenger campaigns) and of course, a multi-location SEO program, who every solar installer needs to be investing in for easy, long term, low cost, quality solar leads.

Solar Residential Sales Thus Far

3 residential solar sales and 27 appointments from May – July.

Residual Calls from Facebook

These are all the calls that results from our unique Facebook tracking number. At the end of our lead forms, and in our emails, we have the option for customers to call us. This doesn’t track, all the potential calls that resulted in people searching for the company on Google after they saw or interacted with an ad.

Questions about our programs? Book a call with me: https://calendly.com/simpletree

Check out our other blog post on commercial solar lead gen.

– Doug