Starting From Zero to $6.7 Million in Residential Solar Sales in Two Years

Client Overview:

In September 2021, a household Virginia company sought guidance on how to successfully launch its new residential solar division. Eager to dominate the local market, they approached Simple Tree Digital, a seasoned solar lead generation company, to establish a robust online presence and generate high-quality leads for brands.

Paid Search Success:

Simple Tree Digital initiated the project by crafting compelling assets and launching a Google Ads paid search campaign tailored to the Virginia market. The campaign focused on conveying critical information about state-specific solar incentives, rebates, net metering processes, and building trust through key indicators. By the end of the first year, the campaign was generating an impressive 280 leads monthly, resulting in 3-5 installations per month, each averaging $35,000. Simple Tree Digital’s strategic approach allowed the client to capture a significant market share on Google Ads, outperforming competitors with high-converting ads and information-rich landing pages.
over $6m in sales in 2 years

SEO Optimization:

Simultaneously, Simple Tree Digital prioritized transforming the client’s website into a powerful organic lead-generating asset. The website was meticulously structured to serve as an authoritative resource for solar-related information in Virginia. By strategically developing content on key topics, the site achieved an average of 5,000 visits per month and produced 100 organic leads monthly. To enhance local visibility, Simple Tree Digital optimized Google My Business listings and created location-specific pages across the service area, maximizing leads from users searching for solar companies and quotes on Google Maps. By telling their stories of clients and communicating the financials to dispel doubters via case studies, the brand has built a compelling arsenal of creatives and sales driving assets.

leads by source organic visits per month

Multi-Channel Approach:

To further diversify lead sources, Simple Tree Digital launched a targeted Facebook campaign. This initiative averaged 40-50 leads monthly at a competitive $30 cost per lead (CPL), contributing to increased sales and heightened brand awareness within the local market. They tested other ad platforms as well to build a robust omni-channel retargeting presence. A year later, the company consulted with Simple Tree to build out their EV charger installation service where they’ve done over $54,000 to date.

Results and Impact:

From September 2021 to November 2023, the collaborative efforts of Simple Tree Digital and the electric utility company resulted in a remarkable $6.7 million in residential solar sales and $54,000 in EV charger installation sales. The paid search campaign, SEO optimization, and Facebook advertising synergized to establish the client as a dominant force in the Virginia solar market. Simple Tree Digital’s expertise not only generated a substantial number of leads but also positioned the client as a trusted authority in the industry, contributing to sustained growth and success.

All along the way Simple Tree provided consultation and advice to the client on how to hedge against constant intense competition and strategies to insult themselves from volatile media buying platforms such as value forward SMS, email, and phone communication with their clients.

This case study highlights how Simple Tree Digital’s comprehensive approach, combining paid search, SEO, and social media marketing, propelled a newcomer in the residential solar space to unprecedented success within a short timeframe thanks to their dedicated team’s commitment to each client.