Renewables & Things Episode 1

First episode of our agency podcast called “Renewables & Things”.

We sit down with Energy Risk Associate Anthony Gallucci who spent his career working at top tier solar companies in various sales, lead gen, and management roles, and now works at Poms and Associates insurance brokerage leading their renewables division.

He now works specifically with solar companies helping them map out risk, and develop the appropriate insurance programs so they can hedge for the long term.

We discuss everything from the risks and opportunities solar companies face today, explanations of the solar industry’s volatility, solar lead generation and sales mindset games and tactics, and the need for mindfulness to keep spirits up during those inevitable bad days.

This was our first episode, so pardon the lower audio quality. We will be investing in some new equipment to improve production value so bear with us during these first iterations haha.

Hope you guys get some value out of this, would love your feedback!

– Doug