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Most solar companies struggle to generate consistent, cost effective, quality leads. We have a process that helps them implement the right systems in the right channels so their company can scale without worrying solely on referrals and overpriced, low quality leads.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself

How in the world do I get more solar leads that aren’t junk?
How can I find a marketing company who will understand our mission?
What if I run out of money and resources?
How do we leverage marketing to accomplish our targets?
How do I make my solar sales effort truly significant?

We Understand How Difficult it Can Be

Every solar company wants to disrupt the energy market in their own way. But, the lack of understanding, marketing budget, and stiff competition makes it almost impossible for many solar companies to scale. We have worked with some of the top solar companies over the past decade, and we understand how frightening it can be to think about your critical, world-changing service never getting off the ground or growing.

We have a proven framework that will help you accomplish your sales growth goals, so you never have to stress about when your next lead will come in. You’re in the right place.

Ultimately, our goal is that solar leaders and teams can take our marketing systems, and run with it, eventually replacing the need for us entirely. This allows them to grow faster and more efficiently, when the understand the process required in speaking to their target audience. That is true significance for our company. – Doug Swarts, Founder

About Simple Tree

Alex R.

Solar Consultant

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Lead Gen Strategist

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Lead Marketing Assistant


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Solar Advisor

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Web Developer



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We are a solar digital marketing firm specializing in building commercial solar firms, designers, and installers their own high quality lead generation systems. We begin by providing firms a detailed blueprint of the exact strategies, tactics, and channels to build a sustainable, predictable pipeline of high quality leads of companies looking to integrate solar into their operations. Our team of expert web developers, SEOs, outreach specialists, and video production team are able to craft your solar business a highly customized set of systems that generate high quality leads year around so you’ll never need to hire another marketing agency again.

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Content Writer


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Schema Expert


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PPC Specialist

We have a proven framework that will build your lead generation system.

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