SEO Sprints for Solar Companies

Introducing…SEO Sprints for solar companies. We’ve packaged high impact organic search deliverables into an accelerated 3 month program. If you’re not visible for core keywords that describe your solar solutions in your service area, you’re letting competitors take your sales. Our core offering consists of holistic search engine strategy devised to lead generation services to make you the first company customers find when they’re in a buying mood. We are experts in ranking Google My Business listings and websites to the top of search engines providing a stable diversified lead flow.

We Offer...

SEO Strategy Sprint

Understand your starting position, and the detailed set of strategies and tactics going forward back by research. We perform an in-depth technical website audit, evaluate your content, propose a new content strategy, analyze the backlinks against competitors, and comprise a blueprint to show you exactly what you need to do to improve your rankings, traffic, and leads.

Google My Business Strategy Sprint

Our proprietary Google My Business Strategy Sprint is comprised of high impact strategies after years of experience in ranking Google My Business listings (aka Google Maps) in some of the most competitive cities across the U.S. Our 3 month program will give you the foundation and spark your solar company needs to start generating calls off your GMB listing.

Content, Links & Reporting

Once the SEO and GMB foundation are established, increased rankings, traffic, and leads are a function of content and links. We offer one time project fees to produce content and links as needed according to your websites current rankings and lead stats. Never wonder how your investment is paying off. Our channel specific call and conversion tracking allows you to see exactly what keywords are converting traffic into leads with detailed reporting and analytics.

A glance at our Website Quality Audit, one of many deliverables provided in our SEO Strategy Sprint where we audit technical and content issues that need to be improved for increased rankings and topical authority. We use these findings to prioritize key action items to take place on the website for increased organic visibility and leads.

Website Quality Audit for Solar companies

Glance at local rankings for a client.

Solar SEO Rankings Example

Why organic search? Lead quality and longevity. People are searching for solar already equals a higher quality lead. Once ranked, this piece of real estate is relatively stable, providing a free traffic source of leads. To outrank the competition, you need more than just keywords and links. You need a strategy – and a team – that works for your solar brand.

We are Google Maps SEO specialists for solar companies. Also known as “Google my Business”, there is no piece of real estate more valuable and cost effective in generating high quality leads over the years. Organic traffic from search engines is the best marketing investment you can make for your solar company. Rather than relying on paying for traffic, investing in high value keyword terms for brand visibility captures warm leads and demonstrates authority. With Simple Tree, you’re given a team of search-obsessed marketers who’ve ranked client’s in some of the most competitive solar spaces.

Our clients expect leads – so we’ve built scalable, repeatable processes to handle every part of an SEO campaign that will get you on the first page and capture warm traffic, and massage entry level researchers into warm leads.

It’s transparent, solar specific SEO, built to with last your competition.

GMB Rankings for Solar

Do You Need Cost Effective Leads via SEO?

Request your custom SEO Blueprint to see what steps you can take immediately to improve organic rankings and traffic, while having a clear picture and strategy going forward .

We work best with...

Businesses Who Need Leads

From B2B commercial solar firms, to local residential solar installers, SEO is an integral component no modern solar company can afford to ignore.

In-house Teams

Whether you’ve got a marketing manager, CMO or an entire in-house department, we play nicely with others and love serving as an extension of your internal team.