Solar Google Ads campaign example May 2022

Big gains! Recent look at one of our clients residential campaigns. 200+ solar leads in a month.

We brought this client on in Sept 22 to being their google ads campaign and have since generated them over 1180+ paid search solar leads that’s resulted on of their highest performing lead gen channels hovering around $30 per lead.

Why Paid Search? Both paid search and organic search leads are consistently higher quality leads as they come from people already searching for the services to solve their problems. Compared to Facebook, where we are interrupting their browsing with an offer, people on google are taking the time to search and vet different companies online for quotes.

Approximately 200 appointments were set from those 1000+ leads in September. This client closes on average 30% of the appointments. That generated around 60 new installation projects in September resulting in close to $1.2 million in new revenue all from Google Ads.

Google Ads for Solar

This is just one online channel of leads keep in mind. We are running Facebook campaign and Local SEO campaign to help them rank their website for statewide and local city solar searches.

Imperative you are building your own conversion data in google ads to make our account more powerful, adept, and efficient over time. Now that we’ve had over 1000 conversions in this account, much easier for Google to keep finding similar homeowners to showcase our ads that have a higher chance of converting to leads.

We’ve been building residential and commercial solar paid search campaigns for over 6 years now across various markets and have a firm grasp on what keywords, ads, and landing pages drive leads ands sales.

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