Facebook’s 1 billion+ audience is a source of traffic every solar brand should be leveraging. The channel is best suited for targeting a consumer audience, and can be very effective at producing residential solar leads. Yes, there is a lot of hype surrounding Facebook Ads. Yes, the channel can be tough to crack. However carefully thought-out funnels with the right offers produce quality solar leads.

Facebook Ads allow for highly targeted, highly affordable sources of traffic for your various services and products.

The fact is, people don’t like being interrupted with ads when rummaging through their social feeds while on the toilet or at a stop light. Leveraging leads out of Facebook requires a methodical pre-planning and funnel development. Procuring the right content, with the right offers, and retargeting campaigns are what makes Facebook Ads successful for Solar brands looking for leads. Our proven set of Facebook funnels to reach residential solar and commercial prospects save you the the time of having to experiment and spend money on your own.

We Are Your Solar Lead Gen Advisors

Account Build

Optimal account builds can mean the difference between improving visibility and losing sales. We optimize your ad groups and campaigns, and audiences to make sure your targeting is generating a profitable cost per lead.

Ad Creation

It’s not enough to show up – your ad has to sell. We balance clever keyword targeting with persuasive copy to write ads that customers can’t help but click on.

A/B Testing & Optimisation

We pit your best ads against one another to find and improve upon high-performing variants, driving more clicks, leads and – most importantly – sales.

Request Our Solar Facebook Funnel Blueprint

Curious what funnels drive leads out of Facebook? Request our Solar Facebook Funnel Blueprint.

We work best with...

Growing Solar Firms

From local, regional, to national scale residential and commercial solar companies,, we thrive on working with businesses understand Facebook an integral supplemental marketing investment to enhance brand interaction. We are your advisors to curate consistent leads out through social media.

In-house Teams

Whether you’ve got a marketing manager, solar sales team, CMO or an entire in-house department, we work efficiently with others and love serving as an extension of your internal marketing and sales team.